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To get the big family home and still grow your investment portfolio?
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True wealth is about more than just how much money you have.
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Market and Economic Commentary
15 Sep 14

Wealth Intelligence Weekly-15Sep2014 Keep reading

Wealth Intelligence Weekly-15Sep2014 Wealth Intelligence Weekly-15Sep2014

We work closely with South Africans to help them plan, grow and preserve their wealth.

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We believe advice is only meaningful if it helps you achieve your goals.

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A financial plan should speak to all facets of your lifeā€¦ that's why we believe in integrated wealth planning. Learn more

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Old Mutual operates Wealth businesses in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. If you are an Old Mutual Wealth United Kingdom customer, please visit www.oldmutualwealth.co.uk


  • JSE All Share Index51178.07
  • ALSI 4045884.73
  • Financial38246.13
  • JSE Gold1353.29
  • JSE Industrial 25 Index60743.93
  • Information Tech46806.86
  • Resources29854.16
  • Retail66169.03
  • Financial and Industrial 3064471.10
  • JSE Industrial Index68623.34
  • OML3401.00
  • Repo Rate5.75
  • JSE S.A. Property Index543.03
  • SWIX11084.53
  • JSE Financial 15 Index14725.46
  • Brent Crude Oil99.05
  • GOLD-R13457.60
  • Dow Jones Industrial17031.14
  • FTSE 100 Index6792.24
  • NASDAQ Comp Index4552.76
  • CAC-404409.15
  • Nikkei 22515911.53
  • S&P 500 Index1998.98
  • Xetra Dax Index9632.93
  • MSCI Emerging markets (US$)1055.78
  • Gold US$/oz1234.77
  • Platinum $1363.56
  • $/UK1.63
  • Yen/$107.15
  • R/$10.90
  • R/Eur14.11
  • R/£17.68
  • $/Eur1.30
  • AUD/R.10
  • R/AUD9.90
  • OML London191.10

as at 17 Sep, 01:28