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Integrated Wealth Planning

We believe wealth creation is best achieved through an integrated approach to investment planning. It means planning for more than just a single goal – planning for a lifetime of goals. Your financial planner will guide you along this journey. However, where you need to plan for a single goal, we do offer this option. read more

Single-Goal Planning

If you simply need to save for a single goal, such as your child’s education, investing for a trip around the world or a deposit for your holiday home, we provide smart and efficient strategies and funds to help you reach them. While Integrated Wealth Planning is generally a wise option, we will support you with advice and investment options for single-goal planning. We also provide several calculators which may help you along.

Private Client Securities

Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities specialises in personalised investment management for private clients, offering portfolio management, global investments, investment advice and online trading. read more

Fiduciary Services

In addition to providing investment advice and implementing investment strategies, we work with your financial planner to provide you with advice on matters relating to estate planning, wills, trusts and tax. read more

We work with a carefully selected group of financial planners. Should you be interested in finding out more about our offering or want to get in touch with a financial planner, feel free to contact us.