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Our Annuity Strategy at Retirement

Most members consult a financial planner to support them through the retirement process. This makes sense given the complex personal and financial factors to take into account when making your decisions. Your financial planner is also best placed to advise you on the wide array of options you have within Old Mutual Wealth and elsewhere.

If you do decide to retire, Old Mutual Wealth does not place any restriction on you as to the provider you purchase your retirement annuity.

Should you choose to make your retirement decisions without the services of an adviser, the Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Funds provide a Retirement Benefit Counselling Service that will assist you with information about your options as well as quotations.

The Trustees of the Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Funds provide a possible solution which may be of benefit to you - we refer to this option as the Annuity Strategy for the Funds. This option is the Max Income Guaranteed Bonus Escalation annuity (Income for Life) Annuity.

This annuity pays you a monthly income for the rest of your life. Depending on various factors, including how well the market performs, you may receive a yearly pension increase, which will never be taken away.

If you're not ready to retire now then no action is required from you but if you want advice on your options, contact a financial planner.