Solutions Meet The Team

Our Dedicated Fiduciary Specialists

Geordi McIntosh

Geordi, our CEO, has 15 years of experience and works closely with clients, sharing his experience and knowledge of the business.

Alida Brink

Alida has eight years of experience and has a strong legal background, as well an unwavering desire to help clients.

Mandy Dix-Peek

Mandy has a background in law, 20 years of experience and a special interest in intergenerational planning.

Michael Black

Michael has a background in tax, 30 years of experience; passionate about client relationships and intergenerational planning.

Ashraff Khan

Ashraff started his career in the fiduciary industry in 1996. In the 19 years thereafter he held various positions, building estates for high net worth clients and gaining extensive knowledge and experience.

Elbé Thatcher

Elbé started her career in the financial services industry 20 years ago. Her passion for ensuring that clients’ financial affairs are in order has seen her providing financial advice to high net worth individuals early on in her career.

Precious Mnisi

Precious was admitted as an Attorney in 2010. She’s held Legal Advisor positions in various industries. In the past two years she has practiced as a Fiduciary Specialist.