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Solutions at Retirement

As a member of the Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Funds, you have already taken important steps towards enjoying a financially comfortable retirement. But saving is only one part of any successful retirement journey. Equally important is making the right decision about what to do with your savings when you reach retirement.

Please note that the Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Solutions (Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Funds) consists of the following retirement funds:

  • Old Mutual Wealth Preservation Pension Fund
  • Old Mutual Wealth Preservation Provident Fund
  • Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Annuity Fund
  • Fairbairn Capital Pension Preservation Fund
  • Fairbairn Capital Provident Preservation Fund
  • Fairbairn Capital Retirement Annuity Fund

Most members have appointed a financial planner and benefit from their financial expertise. This is especially important when making decisions at retirement.

For members who have not consulted a financial planner, the Trustees strongly recommend that you seek advice from a financial planner. Click here for guidance on how to choose a financial planner. Please note that financial planners charge a fee for the advice they provide, so you will need to negotiate a mutually agreeable fee for this advice.

No action is required from you if you do not want to retire now but want to remain invested in the Funds.

  • For advice on your options, contact a financial planner.
  • For clarity on any aspect of the Annuity Strategy, speak to an Old Mutual Wealth Retirement Benefit Counsellor on 0860 722 222